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RayScale Tracer


All configuration is done via environmental variables. When running locally dotenv (.env) files are the simplest way to modify the configuration, a sample .env.sample file is provided which can be renamed. When running as a container you must provide the environmental variables using what ever interface the container runtime provides (command line, YAML, ARM template etc)

Name Default Notes
CONTROLLER_ENDPOINT http://localhost:9000/api URL of controller API endpoint, e.g. http://blahblah:9000/api unless running locally you will need to set and override this value
PORT 8500 The port the server listens on
CLEAR_CACHE true Skip clearing texture & object cache. Can speed up re-renders of same scene, but could case memory bloat
USE_IPADDRESS false Register with controller using detected IP not hostname
HOSTNAME none Override automatic hostname detection, rarely used if ever

Tracer API

Route Method Calls Notes
/api/ping GET healthPing() Used by controller to check which tracers are online
/api/status GET getStatus() stub
/api/tasks GET listTasks() stub
/api/tasks POST newTask() Start a new task on this tracer

Data Structures